The father of the 9-year-lod actress Rubina Ali tried to sell her for adoption in a bid.

He wanted ($400,000 , €310,000) to escape the Mumbai slums.

The child won eight Oscars in February with the now famous movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.

The medias said that she has already been approched by a Middle Eastern family.

“We are interested in securing our girl’s future,” the star’s uncle was quoted as saying.

“If you wanted to adopt we could discuss this, but her parents would also expect some proper compensation in return.

“Whatever money is agreed by Rajan, I will accept.

“We can discuss everything about this deal when we meet. There’s a lot of interest in Rubina.”

“We need two or three months,” Qureshi said. He added then: “Until then we can negotiate the amount. We’ll come to Dubai, the girl will come and go.”

“It’s 20 million rupees,” the uncle was quoted as saying.

“This discussion will not go beyond the three of us.”

However, everybody remeber when Qureshi proudly carried Ali through the Mumbai slums in February after she returned from the Oscar glory of Hollywood

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