Oasis had to abandon the stage twice at their big headline show at Manchester’s Heaton Park yesterday night (June 4) due to technical difficulties.

and Liam Gallagher left the stage while electricity problems were fixed, once during their opening song, then again during the second number. They finally returned to play a full live set, during which they vowed to give full refunds to the 70,000 people who were there.

At 9pm, the famous band began their traditional set with ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’.
The song was stopped again due to sound problems, and the band headed off stage for around ten minutes to the sound of boos from the crowd.

They then returned and began to play ‘Lyla‘, although that song was also cut short due to further sound troubles…again!

The band left the stage, while a message appeared on the stage screens declaring that the problem would be fixed as soon as technical staff could sort it out.

The message explained that generator failure was causing the issues. While smoke could be seen emanating from the equipment, it was saying “Almost there!”.

Oasis returned to the stage after around 40 minutes to successfully kick-start the set again with ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ and promised to give fans their money back.

“Really sorry about that,” Liam Gallagher told the crowd. “This is a free gig now. Everyone will get a refund.”

His brother Noel added: “The curfew’s 11, but we’ll play ’til they kick us off. Keep your ticket and you’ll get your money back.”

“We’re not sure how its gonna work with getting the money back,” he said before playing ‘Half The World Away’. “Be on a website or summat. We’re not getting paid for this so buy a t-shirt on the way out. Credit crunch and that, keep my kids in sweets.

“If you’re getting your mum and dad to pick you up outside afterwards, tell them we’re not leaving til 2am. Kind of regret offering you your money back now. Apply for it back if you wanna be a cunt, we do our best for you.”

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