Amy Whinehouse has been undergoing excruciating dental reconstruction after drug binges ruined her teeth.

A series of fillings and extractions over recent weeks has left the songbird in constant pain.

But she braved the discomfort for a Thursday night tear-up in central London that took in three dinners and an ugly bust-up in a nightclub.

A source told me: “Amy’s teeth were in a pretty gross state. They were brown and stained and needed major work on them and she was determined to get them back to their sparkling best.

“It’s all major work and it’s left her in almost constant pain, but she thinks the sacrifice is worth it.

“She’s been given some very strong drugs to cope with the pain.”

The Grammy winner began her epic night out, alongside pal TYLER JAMES, with some nosh at a branch of Pizza Express.

Later she stopped by seafood restaurant Live Bait in Covent Garden.

She ended her evening at Soho’s Jazz After Dark club, where she enjoyed chips before slurring her way through a surprise set.

However, it didn’t take long until the ugly Amy emerged.

She dedicated a rendition of Back To Black to ex-husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. But having sung for a little over ten minutes she left the stage, telling fans she couldn’t sing because her teeth hurt too much.

Moments later she was involved in a furious bust-up with a punter.

My source revealed “Suddenly there was a huge commotion. Amy was effing and blinding at this fella. She was so angry, spit was flying everywhere.”

When her minders ushered her out of the nightspot she got into a further tangle as she was trying to get to her waiting taxi.

A passer-by’s shout of: “Oi Amy, where’s your crack pipe?” caused another furious volley of four-letter words.

Earlier this week the singer was impeccably behaved at a charity event near her North London home.

I hope this latest exploit doesn’t signal a return to the bad old days.

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