Kevin Federline used to make fun of Britney Spears about her weight but looks like the situation has changed…

K-Fed’s obsesity is nothing new, but now that Britney is slowly getting her groove back, she’s supposedly the one dishing out insults. Britney is supposedly calling Kevin the “fat housewife” and “K-fatter-Line.” Cute nicknames…

Britney Spears has put ex-hubby Kevin Federline on a diet because he’s gorged no so much fatty food, he’s gained a whopping 85 pounds.

The 5-foot-10 former backup dancer weighed just 150 pounds when he married the singer in 2004. Now he tips the scales at about 235 pounds.

Back when they were married, Kevin used to chide Britney about her weight, but now the dinner table has turned. These days, it is Britney who is making the jokes - calling him K-Fatter-line and other names.

“She’ll ask him, ‘When is the baby due?’” revealed a source.”

Is Britney getting a little ahead of herself here? After all, she’s the one who’s just recently been deemed mentally stable enough to have custody of her own children, Sean Preston and Jayden James. And who could forget her head shaving and ambulance ride incidents.

In kind of a gender role reversal, K-Fed’s put on a little weight while doing the mommy thing, and he’s not getting any respect for it from Britney.

Maybe Britney has her sons’ best interest at heart. She doesn’t want K-Fed to set a bad health example for them.

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