Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow had discovered her luxury Los Angeles home was overrun by rats. Her husband, the famous Chris Martin (Coldplay’s member) had to call in pest control !

The star is renting a flat near her mother Blythe Danner while she films the new movie Iron Man 2. The couple applied the last touches to the summer home, where they will stay while Paltrow films this action movie. While that happening, Chris has agreed to look after their children - Apple, 4, and Moses, 3-year-old.

The actress was forced to get an expensive rat catcher to rid the appartment of the unwanted rats.

“Gwyneth wanted everything to be perfect. She was so excited about moving to L.A. with the family and to be closer to her actress mum. It will be the first time in ages that she, Chris and the children will be living together as a family.”
“But her stomach turned at the thought of rats running around. She didn’t want her homecoming ruined by those horrible creatures. Being an animal lover, Gwyneth didn’t want the vermin harmed, just removed.”

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