Abdullah Simsek is a restaurant owner, known as Apo. Sounds like his life is actually ruined by being constantly mistaken for Clooney. He has been declared as an official George Clooney look-a-like last year.

But his wife does not feel great about it…
“My wife thinks I’m going to be famous now and I am heading off to Hollywood. I don’t think I’ve changed but she thinks I have. Because of this, we have separated after 14 years of marriage, so I am back to being single.”

Returning to the singles market at least has one upside for 43-year-old Mr Simsek - he is now keen to meet his dream date, the model and television presenter Lisa Snowdon.

And given that Miss Snowdon famously dated Clooney on and off over five years, Mr Simsek rather likes his chances with her.

“It is my dream to meet Lisa, she is a very beautiful lady. It would be a wonderful thing if she were to walk into my restaurant.”

Mr Simsek used to run a kebab shop in Bolton, but has now opened a Spanish restaurant, La Salsa, on the town’s Bridge Street. Looks like he is becoming more ambitious !

But he’ll be leaving behind the tapas next month to head to Hollywood to try to be signed up as a George Clooney look-a-like.

He hopes for a meeting with Clooney’s agent Stan Rosenfield and has already rejected the advances of a London agency in a bid to further his career in the US.

“I’m going to Hollywood to try my luck. Everybody keeps telling me I’m wasting my talent, and I have been told that I’m the best Clooney lookalike there is. Wherever I go people say to me `Clooney, Clooney’.

“But I’m not interested in making lots of money, that’s not what I’m after. I’m only after Lisa Snowdon.”

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