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Twitter keeps you on shape !

Jul 31, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Stars' news


Here is a silly advice for going on a diet!

Even if you’re not on a celebrity budget, you can still get tips from a hot Hollywood personal trainer. Jarett Del Bene, who keeps Lauren Conrad in shape, is Tweeting some of his best fitness advice every day. “To get great legs do lots of step-ups, squats and lunges,” the famous fitness instructor Tweeted recently. And the trainer also offers diet advice. “One way to get abs and a flat stomach is to eat 6 small meals a day … Try to eat every 3 hours.” Want more of his helpful tidbits? Start following Del Bene on Twitter !

Lot of celebs websites are talking about that… If it works for someone, let me know :D

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Pete Doherty too drunk to fly !

Jul 27, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Crazy Stars' Gossip


We could not be more suprised at www.stars-gossip.com when we learned that ;)

Our favourite Rocker/Drunker PETE DOHERTY has been barred from boarding an aeroplane after staff labelled him too drunk to travel.

The Babyshambles singer and his band allegedly enjoyed too many alcoholic drinks before trying to board a flight from Valencia, Spain to Gatwick, England so airline workers refused to let them on.
Doherty was forced to hire a private jet - setting him back $15,000 (£10,000), according to Britain’s News of the World tabloid.

A representative for the EasyJet airline reveals this is not the first time they’ve had problems with Doherty.
The spokesperson says, “Mr Doherty’s reputation preceded him following a previous incident with EasyJet when he was removed from a flight to Barcelona - and following last month’s incident when he was arrested after a BA (British Airways) flight to Geneva.”

The musician was previously arrested after disembarking a British Airways flight from London to Geneva, Switzerland last month (Jun09).

Flight staff alleged they found the rocker slumped in an aircraft bathroom and subsequently discovered a hypodermic needle onboard. He was charged with an unspecified offence and later released with a fine.
Doherty is also currently facing charges of driving under the influence and drug possession stemming from his arrest in Gloucester, England in June (09).

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Beckham has to pay $1,000 for insulting fans

Jul 26, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Stars Gossip in Sports


David Beckham was fined $1,000 by Major League Soccer, which said his behaviour and his gestures toward taunting fans suggested that they leave their seats and come on the field.

The fine by MLScommissioner Don Garber on Friday came five days after the English star confronted Los Angeles Galaxy fans in a group called the L.A. Riot Squad. The Galaxy and AC Milan played to a 2-2 tie in an exhibition game. Beckham played with AC Milan this year and was booed through much of the game.

“We support our players interacting with fans, whether it is at clinics, charity events or by high-fiving their supporters in the stands while celebrating a goal,” Garber said. “However, our players should never engage in conduct that can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come out of the stands and onto the field, regardless of the reason.”

At halftime, Beckham walked toward the group while shouting and pointing. He challenged fans to meet him on the field and tried to lift himself over advertising boards before security intervened. Police arrested a fan who left the stands.

Then after a second-half corner kick in front of the Riot Squad’s section, Beckham immediately turned to those fans, put his index finger to his lips, shrugged his shoulders and blew them a kiss. The kick resulted in a goal.

Beckham has been unapologetic about his actions.

“At the end of the day, I play my game,” Beckham said Thursday. “If it’s not good enough for some people, as long as it’s good enough for myself and the team, nothing else matters.”

The Riot Squad blamed Beckham for agitating the situation in a statement on the group’s Web site Thursday.

“Had David responded differently on Sunday, the booing and the chanting probably would have ended at halftime,” the statement said. “We don’t believe questioning Beckham’s commitment to our team is over the line, but it’s clear that David feels otherwise.”

Also see: [video] Beckham “naked” for Armani again!

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[video] Liam Gallagher insulting a fan !

Jul 23, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Singers stars gossip

Volatile Oasis singer Liam Gallagher was involved in a “fight” with a fan last night, after pints of beer were thrown at him by members of the audience at a gig.

Liam Gallagher’s bad mood appeared to start after someone threw a bottle of water at him as he walked on to the stage at the start of the band’s two-hour set.

Pints of beer then began to rain down on him.

Before opening song Rock ‘N’ Roll Star Liam singled one fan out and asked,: “Is that some f*****g s***bag who’s throwing f*****g lager, can’t handle a soft a**e from f*****g Camden town? Well get on this f*****g student”.

He later picked up what appeared to be a coin on the stage and referred to the fan as “f*****g uni boy” and “fat boy” before telling him: “Here you are, student, if you want me to [go] offstage, don’t be throwing f*****g pound coins. Why don’t you try and come up here and f*****g make me come off? Alright d***head.”

Gallagher also changed the lyrics of several Oasis songs to reference the incident.

The frontman, known for his short fuse, blamed students in ’stupid pointy shoes’ for soaking the stage, before raging: “I hope you feel as uncomfortable as I feel.”

As he walked off to take a break, brother Noel, 42, told the crowd at Camden’s Roundhouse: “I think someone’s in a bad mood”, before he sang the brilliant Masterplan.

Noel then acted as peacemaker once again before playing Half The World Away, and telling the crowd: “ I think we all need to just calm down.”Here’s a slow one so we can calm down.”

Watch the video of Liam Gallagher insulting a fan !

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